Why should "phone sex" have rules, restrictions, or limits? How can anyone decide what is right or wrong about a fantasy? Phone Sex is just talk afterall... so why shouldn't it be WILD?

Like WILD Girls? Do you have WILD sex fantasies? Has your fantasy been considered too wild for some phone sex services or girls in the past? Well... we specialize in everything WILD and we have believe everything is fair in fantasyland so we do not put restrictions or limits on your call. Yep. You can discuss LITERALLY anything you'd like, no matter how kinky, how extreme... because our girls are WILD and they like it!

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Since 1995, our phone sex service has been fulfilling the kinkiest, naughtiest fantasies imaginable. Our nasty phone sex sluts have no taboos or restrictions, so you can feel free to explore your wildest fantasies with us! If you've had other phone sex operators refuse to talk about a particular subject with you, rest assured we have lots of girls who would love to talk to you right now!

Our girls are nasty, naughty, wild, sexy, creative and LOVE PHONE SEX! We have many different girls to choose from…all different ages and appearances! All of our girls live in different areas of the USA. Your call gets transferred through our telephone system directly to her home. We do not have cubicle office girls where you can hear the hustle and bustle of other activities going on. Our girls have always worked from home, so they can relax WITH you.

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When you call, you will reach a live dispatcher who will take your credit card information and then help you to select a phone sex girl to best handle your specific requests. Don't settle for those other services where you just get the next available girl! We have dozens of girls, ranging in age from 18-50's! Our Nasty Ladies fulfill every type of kinky and taboo fantasies, with no restrictions or limits. So feel free to ask for whatever turns you on and we'll be able to provide it!

There are NO TABOOS. We have No rules, terms, limits, or restrictions on topics that can be discussed. Our Babes talk about anything and everything. Your conversations are not monitored, reported, and your account can never be blocked or banned because your fantasy is considered too "extreme".

  • Wild Phone Girls work from the privacy of our own homes! We are not a "call center"!
  • Wild Phone Girls are LIVE, uncensored, and have literally no restrictions!
  • Wild Phone Girls are experienced in every fetish, every kink, and every perversion!
  • Wild Phone Girls are all different ages and all from different parts of the USA.
  • Wild Phone Girls love their jobs, and it shows in their delight to talk with you.

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